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Double success at RSE summer awards

At the Royal Society of Edinburgh summer awards reception this year's cruciblists had the chance to compete for funding for novel interdisciplinary projects based on the ideas and connections they'd made during the programme. 5 awards were available and Douglas was fortunate enough to be involved with two of the successfully funded projects.

As PI Douglas will lead a unique interdisciplinary team with expertise in biomedical sciences, project-specific specialities in bioengineering and social sciences. This project will brings together researchers from three different universities (Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde) across 4 different research sites in Scotland. The goal of the project is to develop innovative sensors for home-based monitoring of women’s reproductive health.

Douglas is also part of a team that has been funded to develop new mathematical and statistical techniques to find new ways of identifying treating complex diseases.

Watch this space for the latest developments in these exciting projects!

Crucible Director Professor Alan Miller announces the winning projects.

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