H-Index 13. ORCID 0000-0002-9949-1983


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    • Awarded best poster prize at the nuclear receptors 2018 meeting and the Pfizer Award in 2017. Cover of Journal September 2018

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    • International press coverage and across the UK including interview with the Daily Mail. Altmetric score 159. Editorial commisioned by journal.


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    • Using transgenic reporter mice we developed complimentary flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry approaches to identify distinct populations of mononuclear phagocytes that associated with functionally discrete regions of repair and remodeling.

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    • This work was awarded numerous prizes and led to invited talks in UK, Australia and USA, attracted international press coverage, including media interviews with The Times and The Sun. Recommended in F1000prime.


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    • This was the first study to describe direct estrogen-dependent regulation of uterine NK cells and the endometrial vasculature. This studies established intra-tissue sex steroids as critical mediators of endometrial tissue remodeling in early pregnancy.


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    • This study established a refined model of induced endometrial breakdown and repair. Using multi-colour immunofluorescent tissue staining we were able to identify novel mechanisms of tissue re-epithelialisation.

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    • This landmark study was the first to identify the expression of aromatase in normal endometrial function. This study and those that followed redefined the spatial and temporal regulation of endometrial function. Recommended by F1000prime.

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